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Criton Construction was founded on the belief that the client comes first.

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For more than 40 years Zefes Construction Company has continued to grow and thrive. Constantly pushing the boundaries through innovation and award winning performance while remaining true to our principle.

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Successful Project
The Most Successful and

Highly Qualified Architects.

I had the pleasure of working with Criton Company and her team on 20 projects over the past 16 years.

«Criton Construction are committed to providing innovation to projects»

Basic Features

What We Offer

Design and Build

We will cope with any architectural tasks

Qualified Specialist

More than 6 000 qualified specialist

Construction Machinery

When overseeing the bidding process

Quality Planning

Project will be qualitatively scheduled

Program Management

Necessary administrative services


We continue to serve your project

Heads of our Company

Meet Our Team

Charles Barkley

Chief Engineer

Kimi Raikkonen

Chief Foreman

Alberto Contador

Company Owner

Work Process Online

We works in partnership with clients to steward the vision for each project

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Our Clients

We Work With

EML Corporation

Berkeley, CA

Glimcher Company

San Francisco, CA

The Oronto Group

Bonita Springs, FL

Bridgewater Resident

Naples, FL

SGW Group

West Des Moines, IA

Searles Company

Washington, DC

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