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Van Ness Building

Van Ness is residential tower, designed by the Criton Team, is approaching its 709 ft height. Construction started in 2012 and finished 2018. Basic task was figuring out how to make the curvy exterior lines work as structure, not simply as a design element.

Client : Nordstrom, Inc

Location : Corte Madera, CA

Size : 132,500 sq ft.

Chief Engineer : Robert Riddick

More than 15 years in building

Our Great Team!

We are deeply committed to building value in both our projects and our relationships. We want our clients to get the most for their money and that is why we work closely with them and their architects to ensure a quality product that is delivered on time and within budget. Criton company management:

After 6 years building

Summering results of the project

We have completed the project at 10 january 2017. Tower consist of just 83 residences across 50 floors, including four duplex townhomes, 70 half-floor units, eight full-floor penthouses and one duplex penthouse. Full-floor units provide nearly 10,000 sq ft of space and more than 1,200 sq ft of outdoor terraces.

Team Awards

Technical Features

Team Awards

Team Awards

Award of Merit

Detroit’s M1 Rail Streetcar




Best Project: Botanic Garden




Best Project: Coal-Fired Plant



Award of Merit

Cincinnati Streetcar/Bell Connector



Higher Education/Research

Best Project: University of Iowa



"I commend you and your team on the outstanding work you do. Your staff frequently goes above and beyond the scope of work."

Director: Daniel Craig